NetSuite Sync Bundle Update

In order for the Formstack Sync NetSuite connector to function properly, NetSuite users must have the "Bedrock Data Sync" bundle installed in their NetSuite instance. If you are a NetSuite administrator for your account, you have likely installed this bundle. 

On January 18th 2021 NetSuite will be deprecating the Bundle Repository. The Bundle Repository is the method by which the old version of the Sync bundle was installed. 

This means that if you have the old version of the Sync bundle installed, you should update it by Jan 18th to ensure seamless functionality. 

The old version of the Sync bundle was 2.1.1 and the newest version of the Sync bundle is 2.1.2. Unfortunately you will not be able to “Update” the bundle and instead must “Uninstall” the bundle then follow the installation instructions for the new Sync bundle version 2.1.2.


First, let’s check your installed Sync Bundle’s version. To check your currently installed Sync Bundle’s version, navigate to: Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List. In the “Version” column you will see either “2.1.1” or “2.1.2”. If you see “2.1.2” you’re done! If you see “2.1.1” however, you need to follow these steps to update your Sync Bundle and ensure continuous functionality.


To start, log in to Formstack Sync and set your Integration Status to OFF. This will pause Sync until you are finished updating the NetSuite Sync Bundle.

If you have version 2.1.1 you will need to hover over the Action menu and select Uninstall. Your browser may warn you that you are about to delete a bundle; click OK.


Once you have uninstalled “Bedrock Data Sync” version 2.1.1 you can follow the standard installation instructions for version 2.1.2, which can be found here. Install The NetSuite Bundle

After installing “Bedrock Data Sync” version 2.1.2, you are finished in NetSuite and can return to Formstack Sync. Before turning Sync back on we need to refresh your NetSuite connector installation. Navigate to the Connectors page and open your NetSuite connector installation by clicking the “Installed” dropdown menu and selecting your active installation account.


You do not need to change any settings. Simply click “Next”, then click “Save”. This will refresh your NetSuite settings and validate the Sync Bundle installation.

The last step prior to turning Sync back on is to refresh field data that may have been updated. To do this, navigate to the Mappings page and in the top right, click "Refresh Field Info" and after a few moments you will see a green confirmation pop up. If you see an error, wait around 60 seconds and try again, and if that fails as well please reach out to support. 

Now you are ready to turn your Formstack Sync back on. To do this, navigate to the Dashboard and toggle the Integration Status to ON. Select “Past and Future Changes” to ensure that records changed during the pause are synced. Then, click “Start”.

You should now be finished. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to Formstack Sync support.

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