4.1 Testing

Before enabling your Sync integration to begin syncing all Records, we strongly recommend performing some small-scale testing for each use case you plan on syncing in order to confirm that the current configuration produces your expected results.

Before attempting to test the integration, ensure that you have enabled your Testing Workflows and disabled any other non-Testing Workflows (Step 3.4 Set Up Workflows). 

For additional information to help with small-scale testing of your Sync integration, see our support article How To Test Your Integration Using Workflows.

Best Practice! Start by creating brand new test Records, rather than using existing Records to test. Be sure to fill out all mapped Fields with mock data.

If a test is successful, you should see the corresponding test Record created or updated within 5 minutes. You will also see an indication of the successfully synced Record on your Dashboard (under “Recent Activity”):


In the image above, the Recent Activity indicates that two Records were synced at 10:21 AM. Test Company 1 successfully updated the existing InfusionSoft Record (indicated by the green dot). Test Company 2 originated in ConnectWise, and an error occurred that interrupted the intended create or update action that was supposed to occur (indicated by the red dot). To determine the source of an error, you may click on that card to see the exact error message Sync received from the End System when attempting to sync the Record. For additional information to assist in resolving these errors, see the Common Errors section (below).

Common Errors

Invalid Options

A Field on the Record has a specific set of valid options and the mapped value was not among them. Please ensure your Field Types and Field Labels are aligned in your End Systems.

Missing Fields

A Field on the Record has been marked as required but no value was included. Please ensure all required Fields on the corresponding Record have values included.

Dupe Records

Sync detected multiple matches within a single system during DeDuplication. Please resolve this conflict within your End Systems to allow for syncing this Record. More information regarding the Dupe Record conflict and resolving this can be found in the How to Resolve DUPE RECORDS Conflicts support article found in the Sync Knowledge Base.

Not Indexable

The information required to complete the DeDuplication process is missing from the Record. Please ensure the corresponding Record has a value in the Fields used to DeDuplicate that Object type.

Remote Error (Read/Create/Update)

A third-party API has returned an error as part of a Remote action. Additional details will be made available in the Activity Log entry based on the message returned by the third-party API.

For a list of other End System-specific API errors, please refer to our Common API Errors documentation.

Troubleshooting Tools and Articles

Troubleshooting Without Errors

If you are expecting a record to sync, but you are not seeing any errors appear on the Dashboard or Transaction Report related to that record, the most common explanation is that the record does not meet the Mapping or Workflow conditions and requirements you have set. For additional information on troubleshooting to determine the source of the issue, see our support article Troubleshooting When There Are No Errors

Submit a Support Ticket

If you encounter issues, have account questions, or want help with any setup items, the Sync support team can provide assistance with their integration knowledge and troubleshooting tools. Simply reach out by using the Submit a Support Ticket form and a support specialist will get in touch to provide assistance.


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