3.3 Initial Index

Once all mappings are set up and prior to performing any testing, the Initial Index must be completed. For additional information regarding the Initial Index requirements, please refer to our support article: Why does Formstack Sync Have to Index All My Data Before I Can Start Using the Integration?

The first time your Integration Status is turned “ON”, Sync will automatically perform a thorough Indexing of Records for any Object types that have been enabled. This allows for building a cached instance of your data systems, which will be compared to any recently updated Records during each Sync cycle to determine whether any meaningful changes were made.

IMPORTANT! Before performing the Initial Index of your Records, we strongly recommend that you disable any Workflows that may have been created so far. 

To begin the Initial Index, navigate to the Dashboard within your Sync portal. Your Sync integration can be easily toggled on or off from this Dashboard. To begin the Initial Indexing of your Records, locate the “Integration Status” button...


… and toggle it to the “ON” position to be presented with the following dialogue:


For the Initial Index, you will select “Sync Future Changes Only”, click to expand the “Advanced” menu, check the box next to the “Reload all cache data and start your sync from the beginning”, and select “Start”.

At this time, Sync will begin indexing and caching Records in both of your End Systems. Sync may take up to 5 minutes to begin the Initial Index - please do not attempt to toggle the Integration Status off and on again during this time. Having followed the steps and best practices laid out in this guide, you will not notice an impact in your End Systems and no data will be synced at this time. When the Initial Index has been completed, you will see the “Recent Activity” on your dashboard revert to regular 5-minute intervals.

While the Initial Index of your Records is running, do not add or adjust any Mappings and/or Workflows. The amount of time the Initial Index takes will depend on the number of Records in each of your End Systems; typically ranging from 12 - 72 hours. If your Initial Index seems to be taking longer than 72 hours, please reach out to our support team to investigate and confirm whether there is an issue.

BEST PRACTICE! An Initial Index can typically be completed faster if performed during a period of low activity in your End Systems. We recommend timing the Initial Index to start either at the end of a weekday or on a Friday afternoon.

3.3 TL;DR Check List

  • Disable all Workflows (If Applicable)
  • Navigate to your Sync Dashboard
  • Toggle the Sync Integration Status to “ON” during a targeted period of low activity
    • Select “Sync Future Changes Only”
    • Enable Advanced Option to “Reload all cache data and start your Sync from the beginning”
  • Allow Sync 12-72 hours to complete your Initial Index

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