Create Custom Fields

When integrating two (or more) End Systems, you will map the Fields that you utilize in each System to represent a specific piece of data. Some End Systems have proprietary or specialized Fields that contain very useful information but do not necessarily correspond to a pre-existing Field in your other End System. Examples of this might be a “Lifecycle Stage”, “Lead Score”, or “Marketing Insight” Field.

To allow for representing Object properties that might not be represented by default, End Systems often allow for leveraging "Custom Fields". As a pre-integration task, we recommend identifying Fields in either End System that do not have a matching field by default and creating Custom Fields as needed to match. For example, if End System A has a “Lead Score” Field that you would like to map but there is no existing “Lead Score” Field in End System B, create a Custom Field in End System B named “Lead Score” at this time.

If you do not know how to create a Custom Field within your End System, refer to any support resources made available by your solution provider for additional assistance.


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