3.1 Set Up Object Mappings

Your Sync portal contains a Mappings page for the purpose of defining and matching the data that is logically equivalent across the End Systems within your integration.


The first step in forming these definitions is to establish your "Object Mappings". To do so, navigate to the Mappings page in your Sync portal and select the "Add Mappings" option on the screen to generate the Mapping Options interface.


The Mapping Options interface will provide a Select list to identify a data type (Object) and a field to provide a Title for the Object Mapping. Titles are optional but they can be very useful in some of the more advanced Sync configurations that are possible. After you select "Save", the new Object Mapping will be displayed on the Mappings page in your Sync portal.


3.1 TL;DR Checklist

Before moving on to the next step, complete the following task:

  • Navigate to the Mappings page in your Sync portal
  • Select "Add Mapping" to create a new Object Mapping
  • On the "Mapping Options" dialogue, select an available Object type and Title (if desired)
  • Repeat the process for each Object type you would like to Sync 

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