Sync Support Resources

Sync Knowledge Base

The Sync Knowledge Base provides a wealth of information for users that would like to find information and resources such as FAQs, connector specific documentation, or any other information that can be used when setting up and maintaining your Formstack Sync integration.

Submit a Support Ticket

If you encounter issues, have account questions, or want help with any setup items, the Sync support team can provide assistance with their integration knowledge and troubleshooting tools. Simply reach out by using the Submit a Support Ticket form or the “?” widget in the bottom-left of your Sync portal and a support specialist will get in touch to provide assistance.

Schedule a Consulting Session

Consulting Service Packages are available if you’d like the opportunity to work directly with a professional Formstack Sync consultant to plan, implement, or support your Sync integrations. If you have purchased a consulting package or would like to learn more, please submit a support ticket and a specialist will reach out to provide further assistance.


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