Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector Installation

MS Dynamics Versions

Formstack Sync has multiple Connectors available in order to support different versions of Microsoft Dynamics.  You'll need to choose which Connector to use based on the version of MS Dynamics you're using and how it's hosted.  See below:

Dynamics Hosting Dynamics Version Connector Name
Cloud Version 9 MS Dynamics (v9)
On-premise Version 9 (coming soon)
Cloud or On-premise Version 8 MS Dynamics (v8)
On-premise 2011-2015 MS Dynamics (2011-2015)


Installation Instructions

Step 1) Determine the correct Dynamics Connector for your version and hosting environment

See the table above, and determine which Dynamics Connector to use based on your hosting & version setup.

Step 2) Install the Connector

Go to the "Connectors" section in your Sync portal and install the identified Dynamics Connector from the CRM list. 

From here, the installation process will differ depending on which Dynamics Connector you're using (see below).

Connector: MS Dynamics (v9)

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Self-Hosting (not currently availablecoming soon

Connector: MS Dynamics (v8) 

The steps of the Installation process depend on whether you're running the Cloud version of Dynamics or are hosting your own Dynamics v8 instance.

Connector: MS Dynamics (2011-2015) 

If you're using our "MS Dynamics 2011-2015" connector you will need the following information: 

  • DOMAIN: The domain you see when logged into your Dynamics account (i.e. 
  • USER ID: Your User ID
  • PASSWORD: Your Password
  • CONNECTION TYPE: Office365 (for Dynamics On-demand) or ADFS (for self-hosted versions)
  • CRM DOMAIN (ADFS only): For ADFS users, this is the part before the backslash when you enter your username to log in
  • CRM VERSION (ADFS only): For ADFS users we need to know which version of Dynamics they're using (2011, 2013 or 2015)

Below is a screen shot of what your settings should look like once you enter them into Formstack Sync:


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