Setting up Workflow Rules to Ensure Records Always Remain In Sync If they Already Exist in All Systems

Sometimes you'll have situations where a record may already exist in all of the systems you have integrated in Formstack Sync and in most cases you will want to ensure that this record remains in sync with itself no matter what it looks like. This is where we recommend setting up "Global" type rules. Here are some examples. 

Global HubSpot Contact and CRM Lead rule

In this Workflow we are saying that if there is a Contact in HubSpot and an existing Lead in your CRM, it should always stay in sync with itself no matter way. 


The key to setting up this Workflow is the "IF" statement must always be set to ALL conditions must be met. If a record can meet the above condition, it means that it is both a Contact and Lead in Dynamics CRM. So this particular Workflow rule will never lead to the creation of new records in your system but simply ensure that records remain in sync if they already exist in both places. 

Global HubSpot Contact and CRM Contact Rule

Just like with the Lead, you may want to set up a similar global rule for your CRM Contacts. 


You can do this type of Workflow for any other like-minded objects (Company Objects, Opportunity Objects, etc.). 


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