ConnectWise - "The primarySalesRep/id field is required."

When you see this error back from ConnectWise, it means that you were trying to create an Opportunity and the Primary Sales Rep field was not getting set with a valid Member ID. This is a required relationship when creating an Opportunity in ConnectWise so when this is missing in the write request, this error will pop up. 


Troubleshooting Steps 

Step 1: Review Owner Relationship on Opportunity Mapping

Check to see if you have an Owner Mapping setup properly behind the Opportunity Mapping in Formstack Sync: 


Make sure that in this mapping that you do not have the "ClosedBy" record listed as the System of Record. We recommend removing this entirely if you don't need to sync back to the originating system who closed the opp in ConnectWise. 


If this "ClosedBy" was in the mapping, after removing it try re-syncing the Opportunity record from the originating system by making a change to one of your mapped fields in Formstack Sync. 

If the error still occurs, move to next step. 

Step 2: Confirm Owners Match by Email

Go to the originating Opportunity record and look at the who is the listed Owner of the record. Confirm the primary email address that is associated to this owner within the given system and then jump on over to ConnectWise and make sure that there is an existing Member that has listed as the primary email address this same email. 

You also want to make sure that you don't have duplicate owner records with this same email address or that can also lead to conflicts when trying to find a match for owners. 

NOTE: If you decide that you can't have the same owners setup in both systems where the email addresses can match, an alternative to using the Owner Relationship behind the Opportunity Mapping is to setup a default value for the Primary Sales Rep field in ConnectWise. This requires that you delete the Owner Relationship mapping and then add in a field mapping for the Primary Sales Rep field in ConnectWise and in the Default Value column enter in the Member RecID from ConnectWise for who you want to be setup as the Primary Sales Rep for all new Opportunity records. 


If you confirm that there isn't a matching Owner based on email, go ahead and setup a new Member in ConnectWise that does match the Owner in the originating system Or you can use the alternative option above by adding in a default value for Primary Sales Rep.  Then try re-syncing the Opportunity by updating a mapped field. 

If you still get this error after going through above steps, reach out to our support team and we'll help take a closer look at why this could be occurring. 



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