ConnectWise - "Cannot lookup site without company ID"

This error from ConnectWise is most comment when you are trying to create new Opportunities in ConnectWise by way of HubSpot Deals. In order to create an Opportunity in ConnectWise you must have a related Company record and so this error means that the Opportunity that was trying to sync over from your other system failed to find a related Company in ConnectWise to associate to the Opportunity so ConnectWise rejects this write request.

Here is the full error message that you will see on your Dashboard and in the Transaction Report: 

Error from connectwise0: 500 Internal Server Error: {'error': 'Cannot lookup site without company ID, and site is a required field', 'errorCode': 500}: {}

Here is what the error looks like on your Dashboard when it happens: 


This could mean one of two things: 

1. There is no Company related to the Deal in HubSpot and you need to update the Deal so that it has such a related company in HubSpot

2. There is a Company related and one of the following scenarios is at play: 

a. Company in HubSpot doesn't pass a Workflow rule setup in your Formstack Sync portal and therefore hasn't been created over in ConnectWise so you just need to update the field that is used in the Workflow rule to ensure it syncs over to CW. 

b. Company in HubSpot is a Dupe Record (i.e. there are multiple versions of the company either in HubSpot or ConnectWise leading to confusion in the syncing process). Read more about resolving dupe conflicts.  

c. Company did sync over to ConnectWise but the Opportunity tried to sync first before the Company and therefore this was a timing issue and the Deal in HubSpot just needs to be pushed back through the sync in order to create as a new Opportunity in CW. 



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