How To - Creating a Company in Netsuite when Default Lead Type is Set to Company

Company Name Required to Create New Leads and Contacts in NetSuite

As outlined in this help article on what data can be synced in Formstack Sync, when you have the default setting for Lead Type set to Company, you must have a Company Name field mapping in order for a new contact to either: 

A) Attach itself to an existing Company 

B) Create a new Company (Lead) 

Therefore, when you are integrating with a NetSuite environment that has this configuration make sure you are requiring Company Name on the other system to avoid records from not syncing as expected.

Mapping this field in Formstack Sync

Here's how this should look in your field mapping settings: 

You will notice that ALL company related objects are included in this mapping for Company Name (Contact > Lead, Contact > Prospect and Contact > Customer). For any field related to the company in Netsuite, it's recommended to incorporate every object in the mapping or you are liable to override one of the other objects values if you just have one such as Contact > Lead.  

The order is also important as discussed in the System of Record help article. You want to place the most important Object at the top of this list and that is often the Contact > Customer so make sure this is at the top of the field mapping settings.

Using a default company

It is common for marketing systems to not require a company name for contacts or leads. However, without this information Formstack  cannot create a new contact in NetSuite. Many customers use a default company name to assign all new contacts to during the create process. This can be done by setting a default value in the Formstack Sync mapping outlined in this article: Set a Default Value for a Given Field

Handling duplicates 

Since a Company Name field in another system can often be different from the Company Name set in Netsuite, we have some rules in place to avoid creating duplicate company records. However, it is possible for a duplicate company record to be created so we recommend creating a report in Netsuite for all new leads and companies created by the Sync. With this report, you can check to ensure there isn't an existing company and if so, merge this record with the existing company. 

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