Popular HubSpot Marketing Insight Fields to Map to Your CRM

Most HubSpot customers syncing leads to their CRM system want to ensure that their sales teams have key visibility into the latest marketing activities for the records that are coming over from HubSpot. This is where HubSpot's activity rollup fields become very powerful. These are fields that come out of the box for all HubSpot customers and they automatically get updated when a record does some type of activity such as open an email, fill out a form or simply visit your website. 

The full list of fields that come out of the box with your HubSpot portal can be found here.

As you can see, there are a lot to choose from. You want to be careful as to how many of these fields you are syncing in part because you could overwhelm your sales team and they may no longer be interested in sifting through the sea of data you are pushing over from HubSpot and there are potential implications to how often your sync runs if it has to continuously pick up changes to these activity fields. Below is an overview of the fields we recommend along with some notes to consider about each to help you decide on what you want to map. 

Field Name Field Type Definition
Recent Conversion Text The name of the form or landing page a lead recently field out
Recent Conversion Date Date/Time Recent date a lead filled out a form / landing page on your website
Number of Unique Forms Submitted Number Number of unique forms a contact has filled out
Last Marketing Email Name Text Name of the last marketing email you sent to the lead
Last Marketing Email Date Date/Time Date that you last sent a marketing email to this lead
Last Marketing Email Open Date Date/Time Last time contact opened a marketing email
Last Marketing Email Click Date Date/Time Last time contact clicked on a link in a marketing email
Unsubscribed from all email*  Boolean When someone unsubscribes from your marketing communications
Number of Sessions Number Number of times someone has visited your website
Time Last Seen Date/Time Last time contact visited your website
Public Contact Link** Text/URL This is a direct link to the contact profile within HubSpot

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