Auto-Generate Your Mappings

Most commonly Objects that you'll be mapping in Formstack Sync are the Contact-type objects. Formstack Sync also works with many other object types such as Opportunity(Deals) and Company. 

The easiest way to know if an object will be available to map in a given integration you have set up is to use the Auto-Generate Mappings functionality in the Mappings section of your Formstack Sync portal. 

The steps for mapping all of the available objects is the following: 

  1. Go to the Mappings home screen
  2. Click on Auto-Generate Mappings

That is it! You will automatically see mappings for all of the available objects between the systems you have connected. As noted above, the majority of the systems will only have a Contact Mapping. However, through the Contact Mapping, you will likely be able to access data on related objects (Company, Opportunity, etc.).

Once you've auto-generated your mappings, your next step is to go into each mapping and review the fields that were automatically mapped. Determine if they are fields you want to keep, remove or perhaps add additional fields to the mapping. 

Learn how to review and manage your mappings.

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