MS Dynamics (v8) Connector Settings (On-Premise)

NOTE: If you are on Version 9.0 of Dynamics, you must install the Dynamics v9 Connector found in your Formstack Sync portal. Click here for the MS Dynamics v9 Connector Installation steps..

Click here for the steps to follow when using On-Premise hosting for your Dynamics v8 CRM

The Connector settings will look something like the below once you are finished with each step: 



IMPORTANT: In order for a self-hosted Dynamics CRM to connect to Formstack Sync, it must have Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) and be using Active Directory Federation Services (ADF). 

Step 1: Choose Federation from the Authentication Type 

Step 2: Enter in your CRM Domain. You do not need to enter in the HTTPS (i.e. 

Step 3: Enter in your CRM user name making sure to use the "\" format (i.e.\svc_bedrock)

Step 4: Enter in the above user's password and hit Save. 

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