How To - Set Up a Non-Admin Integration User for Salesforce

For those customers that do not want to authenticate their Formstack Sync Salesforce integration using an admin user can follow the steps below to create a new Integration User with the minimum permissions needed by Formstack Sync.

Step 1) Create a new Permission Set

Go to Setup > Users > Permission Sets, and click "New".

Name the Permission Set "Formstack Sync Permissions", and click "Save".

From the "Permission Set Overview" page, click on "Object Settings".

From the "Object Settings" page, click on "Accounts", then click "Edit".

Enable all of the checkboxes under "Object Permissions", and click "Save".

After clicking "Save", you can easily access other objects using the "Accounts" dropdown.

Repeat this step, enabling all of the "Object Permissions" for the following objects:

  • Accounts
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Tasks

Step 2) Create a new User

Go to Setup > Users > Users and click "New User".

Give the user a name (such as "Formstack Sync"), and an email address where you can receive email.  We recommend asking your email administrator to set up an alias or a forwarding address so that you can receive email for this user (for example: "").  

IMPORTANT: You must choose a "User License" and "Profile" that allow for the permissions you created when setting up the Permission Set above – otherwise you will run into an error in Step 4 below.  In many Salesforce organizations, you will want to choose "Salesforce" for the the User License, and "Standard User" for the profile.  However, this can vary by Salesforce org.  Consult with your Salesforce administrator if you have any issues with Step 4.

Once you have entered this information for the new user, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save".

Step 3) Check your email!

Salesforce will send a validation email to the email address you specified in Step 2 above.  You need to open this email, and click on the link in order to set up a password for the new user.  Make sure to record this password somewhere (we recommend a secure password manager) -- you'll need to use the password to connect Formstack Sync to Salesforce later.

Step 4) Assign the Permission Set to the User

From the "User Detail" screen, hover over "Permission Set Assignments", and click "Edit Assignments".

From the "Permission Set Assignments" page, choose the Permission Set you created in Step 1 in the left-hand box.  Click "Add".

The Permission Set should now appear in the right-hand box.  Click "Save".

That's it!  Once you have this user set up, you can go back to Formstack Sync, and install the Salesforce connector.



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