Marketo Connector Installation

Important Note:  Marketo is an Unsupported Connector


Before installing your Connector you will need to have an API Role and create an API Only user in your Marketo by following these steps:

  1. Set up the API Role following these instructions from Marketo's help documentation
  2. Once this Role is created, click on Admin in the top nav.
  3. Select Security > Users & Roles in the left nav.
  4. Click Invite New User.
  5. Give the user a first name, last name and email address.
  6. In Roles select API Role.
  7. Check API Only.
  8. Click Invite.

Steps for gathering information to authenticate your Marketo Connector:


Information Steps
URL Click on Admin in top nav. Select Web Services under Integration in the left nav. URL is listed as Endpoint under the REST API section.
Client ID & Client Secret Still on Admin, click Launch Point under Integration. Select New > New Service. Set Display Name to Formstack Sync and choose Custom as the service. Enter Formstack Sync for Description. Select the API only user. Click Create. Click View Details for the service that was just created. Client ID & Client Secret are listed on the detail screen.


Once you've gathered the above information, click on the blue "Sign into Marketo" button and you'll be directed to the following window where you can enter this information:



The last item asks for the name of the Primary Contact Role for your Opportunity records in your CRM. This is important when syncing Opportunity records from your CRM to Marketo as Formstack Sync will sync all contact role types and we need to know the exact name of the role that is considered the Primary Contact Role. For example, in Zoho the role is simply called Primary Contact so you would enter this exact role name in this box.

NOTE: The Primary Contact Role is not required to be filled out to complete the authentication process for Marketo. This is only if you plan on syncing your Opportunity records from your CRM to Marketo. For any customer that still plans to have a Native Integration in place, you can ignore this setting since Marketo does not allow for Opportunities to be synced through additional integrations when you have a Native Integration in place.

Once you click Continue, you be redirected back to Formstack Sync where you should see the following success message:


Click Save.  Congrats!  You've just successfully installed your Marketo instance!


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