Dynamics V8 Connector Settings (Cloud Hosting)

NOTE: If you are on Version 9.0 of Dynamics, you must install the Dynamics V9 Connector found in the Formstack Sync Connector drop down. Refer to this help article on how to install this version.

If you are self-hosting your Dynamics CRM (also known as On-Premise), click here to review the steps for installing this type of instance of CRM.

If you are hosting your Dynamics CRM in the Dynamics cloud, follow these steps to install the Dynamics V8 Connector.

The Connector settings will look something like the below once you are finished with each step:


Step 1: Choose Dynamics 365 from the Authentication Type drop down

Step 2: Choose your Region (i.e. North America)

Step 3: Enter in your CRM domain. You only need the first part of the domain so if the domain of your Dynamics CRM is "https:// bedrockdata.crm.dynamics.com" then I only will enter in "Formstack Sync".

Step 4: Enter in a valid Administrative user name. Use the email address associated with the user.

Step 5: Enter in the above user's password and hit Save.

You should receive a green success message after hitting Save. If you get an error message, Submit a Support Ticket and our team will be happy to provide assistance.



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