How to Start Your Integration or Perform a Full Sync of Your Data

This help article is for you if you are just turning on your integration for the first time or need to either reset your integration or perform a full sync of your data between the systems you have connected. This process has two options for starting or re-starting your integration:

  1. Sync data to the Formstack Sync database, creating a baseline for all current records and only make changes between the systems once the initial sync is complete
  2. Full sync your data between your systems, which will create a "mirror" of the data in your systems

First, to trigger one of these processes, turn the current sync off by going to your Formstack Sync Dashboard and clicking on the off switch. Then immediately go to turn it back on. A pop up screen will appear with your options.

Sync Future Changes Only 

With this setting, we'll index all of your records, but only sync changes that take place after that initial sync is complete. So, if you create a new record on Monday and enable integration on Tuesday, the record from Monday won't be synced. But, if you then create or change a record on Wednesday, it'll be synced to all of your services as long as it meets the criteria of at least one of your   Formstack Sync Workflows.

Sync Past and Future Changes

When you choose to Sync Past and Future Changes, we'll not only build an index of your existing data, but we'll also push over updates from one system to the other where records meets the criteria of your Formstack Sync Workflows.

If you are an existing customer and you are turning your sync back on, this option will resume syncing your existing records, and also start syncing records that have changed since you turned the sync off. In order to sync all of your records, not just those that have been updated since you turned the sync off, you'll want to follow the instructions in this article.



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