What Is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your home base for your Formstack Sync account. Here you can manage your sync such as  turning it on and off as well as performing full resets and controlling the delay of your sync.

You will also be able to see the health of your sync when it is turned on. Currently, you can see the following messages about the health of your sync:

  • Up to Date
  • Running
  • Error

The most common message being Up to Date, which means a Sync ran successfully without any problems. The Running message means the current Sync is still running and has not completed processing all of the data that is coming down into the Formstack Sync system. This is a very common message for when you first turn on the sync or if you perform large imports in one of the systems you have connected to Formstack Sync.  Learn more about what can trigger long syncs here.

When you see the Error message, it means some type of error occurred while the sync was processing. There are a lot of different types of errors, some that are quite common such as when a sync times out due to an issue with your credentials in the Connector settings or if the system we are trying to talk to is having an outage. If you have any questions about what the Errors may be that occurred, reach out to our support team by clicking on the Contact tab in the top navigation.


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