How To Setup a Workflow That Says If a Record Exists in Both Systems It Should Sync

If you have a need to ensure that your records remain in sync if they are already existing in both systems, you can setup a Workflow rule that allows for such records to sync in your Formstack Sync integration. We will use an example of an integration between HubSpot and Netsuite where you want to ensure that contacts that exist already in both systems will remain in sync on a continuous basis.

Step 1: Create a new Workflow rule

Step 2: Set the "IF" statement ALL conditions must be met

Step 3: Add two rules that say if there is a Netsuite Contact where any field is not empty AND there is a HubSpot contact where any field is not empty

Step 4: Check the Sync action and then hit Save on this new Workflow

You are now all set for contacts that are both in Netsuite and HubSpot to remain in sync on a go forward basis!



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