Process for Automating the Re-Syncing of HubSpot Contacts

There are instances where a record that by all accounts should be syncing over from HubSpot to your other system does not sync due to a temporary issue with the receiving system. This could be in the form of a small outage with their API or could be due to larger systemic issue that prevents the record from ever writing into that system.

While Formstack Sync will retry to sync records in such situations, it's possible that after our retry attempts the record is still unable to write and therefore it will no longer attempt to sync.

When this happens, you can setup a process in your own HubSpot portal that will help facilitate in the re-syncing of such records in order to try and write it back over to this other system, which hopefully is no longer having problems. Here are the steps to take to implement this process:

Step 1: Ensure you have a field mapped in Formstack Sync that is unique to the system where you are sending HubSpot contacts.

A good example of a field to use here would be a Contacts ID since this is a field that will always have a value and therefore if a record has synced successfully, this value will always come back down onto the related HubSpot record.

Step 2: Create a Workflow in HubSpot Called "Re-Sync Contacts to SYSTEM A"

Make it a Standard Workflow.

Step 3: Set your enrollment criteria for this Workflow

The criteria should include the rule that states when a contact is eligible to sync over to the other system (i.e. Lifecycle Stage 'CONTAINS' Marketing Qualified Lead). Then add another filter that says "Field with Unique System Value such as Contact ID 'IS' Unknown".

This should pull in all contacts that are eligible to sync to the other system but have yet to do so for one reason or another.

Step 4: Add a Delay Action

Put in a Delay of about an hour or two. You want to give the sync enough time to try and write the record before you kick off this Workflow.

Step 5: Add in an Action to Set a Contact Property

After the delay action, you now want to update a field on the contact record that will push the contact back through the sync. Make sure the field that is updated is a mapped field and we would recommend using a Trigger field in this scenario. Since Formstack Sync is looking for recently modified records where a change to a mapped field has occurred, this will force this record to get picked back up in the sync.

Step 6: Adjust Workflow Settings to Remove Contacts that No Longer Meet Conditions

You want to have this setting adjusted so that contacts that no longer meet the enrollment conditions can be removed before the Delay action is complete since this means that the record did eventually sync.  


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