How to Find a Records RecID in ConnectWise

Sometimes during troubleshooting, we will need a record's ID in order to find the record within your sync or within your ConnectWise instance. Since ConnectWise doesn't expose this field directly on the record, you have to add it to your Search view as an available column.

Here are the steps for adding this to the Contacts view but same steps can be followed for Company view:

Step 1: Click on Companies > Contacts in the left hand side bar and then click on the drop down in the top right where it shows the search result number.

Step 2: A pop up window will appear letting you configure what shows up in the search and here you want to make sure that contact RecID is a visible column.

Step 3: Run your Search for the given record(s) and then grab the ID that you find in the Contact RecID column

Here's a screen grab showing what this looks like in motion:



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