I've Exceeded My Systems API Limits, What Should I Do?

Some systems put more strict limits on the number of API calls you can make in a day than others. In most cases you should have enough to accommodate your Formstack Sync integration.  If you notice that you're getting API Limit notifications on a regular basis from your system, and you're using a Formstack Sync integration app, there are a few action items you can take to help reduce this from occurring.

Cleaning up your database

The first step you should take is to get rid of duplicates that may exist in your CRM - specifically multiple lead or contact records that have the same email address. If records like this exist, then they will constantly be overwriting each other in the system that you're integrating your CRM with and therefore cause the integration to use more API calls than is necessary. Data cleanliness is a great practice in any case, and it's only going to be good to make sure that you have a clean slate in terms of your duplicates.  Merging records together in your systems is another way to clean up duplicates instead of deleting.

Type of data you have synced

Another thing to understand is that your data is constantly changing and updates will be made to your CRM from other systems.  For instance, there are analytical fields that will get populated after a record first converts on your website in a marketing system. This will cause an update to the CRM and more API calls will have to be used to make this update.

Increase Formstack Sync delay

If you happen to exceed your API limit and you feel you have optimized your data to best of your ability, you can go through the following steps to increase the delay in which your sync will run.

  1. Go to your Formstack Sync dashboard and either turn on or turn off your sync and then turn it back on.  
  2. A pop window with the options for how you would like to run the sync will appear (To learn about the two types of syncs, click here). To access the area where you can customize the sync time, click on Advanced.
  3. The default is every 5 minutes so you'll want to move this out to say 10 minutes to see if this prevents your API limits from exceeding. You may need to troubleshoot the length of time that works best for your particular system limits.

Remember that these are daily limits and that your integration will "catch up" as soon as your API calls are allotted again in a new day (typically this happens around midnight in your timezone).

Also, make sure that Formstack Sync is not the only tool you have integrated with your system. Other platforms such as Outlook can commonly be hooked up to your CRM and these tools could also be hitting your systems API as well as Formstack Sync.


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