Troubleshooting when there are no errors

The Activity Report is very useful when there is a distinct error message coming out of the Formstack Sync Integration, but there are several situations where it won't have the information we need to troubleshoot. Here are some of the more common ones, listed chronologically. The order is important, because all of these things have to happen in this order for a record to sync:

1. Check Sync Timing

1. The record is mid-sync or will be in the next sync run. This can be inferred from the Recent Activity sync status in coordination with the date added or modified within the source system. Sync has to begin and finish after the recently modified time of the record to have possibly passed through the sync process.

2. Review Mapping Conditions

After a record has been picked up by sync, it has to match a mapping. Mappings are checked from top to bottom and we stop checking once a mapping is matched. Matching means that the record type is the same (contact, company, opportunity...) and that it passes the Conditions.

Note that most customers will not have specific Conditions setup in their mappings as most customers only have 1 Contact, 1 Company or 1 Opportunity type of mapping where having conditions is not necessary. 

3. Review your Workflow Rules

The next step is matching Workflows. Workflows are similar to the conditions on the mappings - they have to match the system, record type, and then the further qualifications that you list for that type. Try checking your data for the conditions listed in the workflow if everything else appears normal:

If a record seems to be all set based on these conditions and your sync runs, then feel free to reach out to to try to figure out what could be wrong!


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