Can Re-Installing a Connector Affect My Sync?

Problems With Re-Installing

Re-installing a connector will affect your integration and in some cases completely stop your integration. If you need to uninstall a connector please contact Formstack Sync Support at See image below.

When you install a new instance of your system (hubspot1 and hubspot2) this can cause errors and prevent your data from syncing even if you delete the old instance (hubspot1), because the indexed data will still remain in our system from the previous installation. All of the previous mappings that referenced the old instal will need to be deleted, or updated, to allow data to sync correctly, even if the new install is the same account. Afterwards, you will want to do is  reset your sync, or contact Formstack Sync support to reset your sync for you. Running a reset will clear the old data out of our index.

Edit Current Connector Settings

Every connector requires different information so please refer to the Connector Settings Page for your specific connectors requirements.

To avoid the above issues connectors can be updated, instead of un-installed. To update your connector, navigate to the Connectors Page in Formstack Sync. From this page click on the "Installed" tab of the connector that you want to update.

From here, click on the account that you would like to update. The connector settings window will pop up.

From here you can update the connector with the new required information.



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