How to Test Your Integration Using Workflows

Whether you are a new customer or an existing, there are going to be times when you will want to test your sync to ensure the data is flowing over as you would expect between systems.  

Please Note: All fields used in Workflows need to be mapped.

For testing, we recommend leveraging the Workflow application.

Simply go to your Workflows in Formstack Sync and create a rule for each system that you would consider your "test rule". This is a rule you'll eventually remove once your testing is complete. For example, most systems have something called a Notes field for contacts and leads. For a rule, you can state that this field must contain a value such as "Formstack Sync Test". You'll want to setup these rules before activating your sync on the dashboard. But once you have these rules in place, you are good to turn on the sync. There are two types of syncs and for customers who are new and want to test before allowing for any records to sync from one system to the other, we recommend selecting the top option - "Sync Future Changes Only". Learn more about the sync options here.

Once the initial sync is complete, you can go to any of your records in either system and add this test value to the field you chose for this test. After adding this value, wait for a few minutes for the sync to pick up this record and keep an eye on the other system to see the changes come over that you would be expecting to see on the other end. If everything looks to be in order, then go back to your Workflow test rule and remove this rule. Now all contacts that meet the remaining rules will be allowed to sync across systems.

If you want to sync over a large number of contacts now that you have completed the test, your options are:

  1. Update each record individually within each system (if there aren't many)
  2. Create a list in each system and mass update each record in this list (most systems allow you to perform mass updates like this but you'll want to check with your provider on how this works in their system)
  3. Perform a Reset of your sync and select the Sync Past and Future Changes option from the dashboard when turning on and off the sync.

We recommend the second option above as resets can take a bit of time to perform depending on the size of your databases within each system you have connected to Formstack Sync.

If you run into any issues or have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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