Adding Fields to a Mapping (Manual)

Once you've auto-generated your Mappings (learn how here) you can add Fields to each Mapping.  There will be some standard fields that were auto-mapped but you can manually add fields by following these steps:

To add a field mapping:

  1. Click on "Mappings" in the left-hand navigation
  2. Click on the settings icon () for your mapping and choose "Edit Fields"
  3. On the mapping detail screen, click the "Refresh Field Info" button to make sure that Formstack Sync has the latest field data from your connected systems
  4. Click the "Add Field" button
  5. Enter a meaningful "Label" for your field mapping (This can be anything that makes sense to you)
  6. If you want this field to have a default value when a record is added to a system, enter the "Default Value"
  7. Under the "Connector" column click on "Click to edit..."
  8. Select the appropriate system from the "Connector" drop-down
  9. Select the appropriate record type from the "Object" drop-down (Objects denoted with a ">", like "contact>owner", make fields available from related objects)
  10. Select the desired field from the "Field" drop-down
  11. If the field is read-only, set the "Read Only" drop-down to "Yes" (otherwise you can leave it blank)
  12. If the field should have a different default value for this object, you can enter it in the "Default Value" column for the field
  13. Click the "Add Mapped Field" to add a field from another object to this mapping and repeat steps 8 - 12 until all of the fields for this field mapping have been added
  14. You can reorder the priority of fields from various systems and objects by dragging the row to reorder them
  15. Click the "Save" button to save your field mapping


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