Managing Required Fields in Your Mappings

Required fields vary from system to system and object to object. In some cases, they are set as required by a system administrator and in others, they are set as required by the system itself and as a user you are unable to remove this requirement. However they are set, just as a user must adhere to populating these fields when creating a new record, so too must Formstack Sync integration. So if required fields are not mapped or values are not getting set during the initial sync for a new record, the record will not get created as expected. 

In addition to the warning messages you'll see in the mapping screen, you will also see Conflicts in the Transactions Report that show when Missing Fields Required fields are the reason records do not sync. 

To ensure that records don't fall into this conflict, review the steps below and implement the option that best meets your needs. 


Option 1 - Set Default Values in  Formstack Sync 

Map the required field in Formstack Sync and then set a default value for the system where the field exists. Below we are setting a default value of 'Company Name' for the Zoho Lead so that when a new Zoho record tries to sync to HubSpot, if there is no value coming over for this field initially, it will set this default value to ensure a Lead record is created in Zoho.

[Expand video below to see a better picture]

Note: Make sure to set the default for the system where the required field lives. Do not set it at the top Default Value box. 

Option 2 - Bring over values from incoming system

When you map a required field to another corresponding field in the other system(s), you can setup a workflow in the other system(s) so that a value is always set on the corresponding field. Just make sure that the value coming over is a valid option if the required field in question is a select-type field

Option 3 - Remove Requirement 

If the field in question is one where you can remove the requirement and it's deemed not important to be set both by your end users as well as by Formstack Sync, then remove the requirement setting from the field's configuration in the system and then head back into Formstack Sync and refresh the field info and this requirement warning should disappear. 

Pro Tip: In some systems, you may be able to remove requirements at certain user levels, such as administrators. This allows you to keep the requirement in place for your end users but if you are using a specific user type such as an Administrator to authenticate the Formstack Sync Connector, removing the requirement for this user-type will allow for Formstack Sync to bypass this required field setting. 

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