Setting Up and Managing Your Mappings

Getting Started

Once you have created your available mappings using the Auto-Generate Mappings tab in the Mappings home screen, you are ready to start reviewing and updating your Mappings.

First step is to review the fields that were auto-mapped. Any fields that are not important to keep synced across your systems you should delete.

Setting System of Record

After removing any fields, you don't want to keep, go through the ones you are keeping and check to ensure that the System of Record settings are structured the way you want them to be structured.

The System of Record setting is an important setting to be aware of as it determines what system can always update the others whether there are existing values or not. Learn more about the System of Record setting here.

Creating a New Field Mapping

Once you have reviewed the System of Record settings in existing field mappings, the next step is to add any new fields you would like to map.

To add a field to this mapping, click on Add Field. A pop up screen will appear where you can begin to enter in the data for what field you would like to map between the systems you have set up in Formstack Sync.

Learn more about adding new fields to your mappings.

Adding Required Fields to Mapping

You may also notice that there are some warning messages at the top of your mapping screen. There are two types of warnings but the one you want to focus on initially are the required field warnings.

Learn more about these warning messages

When a required field is found in your system, it means that Formstack Sync will be unable to create a new record if that field is not present in the sync. Therefore, you should address this requirement by doing one of the following:

  1. Add it to your mapping and set a default value (learn more about this option)

  2. Remove the requirement from your system if it is not really an important field and don't mind removing this all together as a requirement (both for Formstack Sync and your users). If you do this, just make sure to click on the Refresh Field Info button after making this change.

Knowing What Fields To Add To Your Mappings

One of the most common tasks when first installing a Formstack Sync integration is to determine what exactly are you looking to keep up to date across your systems besides the basics. Often this requires some thinking between the multiple business units involved with the integration (i.e. Sales and Marketing). But determining what it is you want to sync is a key part of this process.

Once you know what fields in each system you want to keep up to date, the next step is to start creating related fields in the given systems since often the fields you want to map out of one system are not native fields that live in the other.

After you have gone through this process of determining what additional fields you'd like to map and you have the corresponding fields created, come back into your Formstack Sync Mappings, click on the Refresh Field Info, then go ahead and start adding these new fields!


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