Set a Default Value For a Given Field

Why Do I Need Default Values?

In every system, there are required fields and if the fields are not present, you are NOT able to create a new record. If you are unsure of what these fields are, simply go into your system and try creating a record. Once you hit save without adding any information and you'll see what fields give an error saying that they are required. The most common required field is a contacts email address but there can be several other required fields. This depends on the internal use case and what types of information you may require before even a sales rep, marketing rep or account manager can create a new record.

Required fields that prevent your own employees from creating new contacts are the same required fields that Formstack Sync must adhere to when creating a new contact from the other system you have integrated. If you are going to keep all fields required, there are two options for ensuring that new contacts get created when they come over through the sync.

How To Add Default Values

  1. Add the required field in question to your Formstack Sync mapping and ensure that a value is always coming over from the other system, by making this same field required.

  2. Add a default value to the mapping settings (see the screenshot below)

In the above screenshot, you'll notice there is a default value set only at the Lead level for this Netsuite integration. The reason you only need it at the Lead level is because it is only needed if we are creating a brand new contact in Netsuite. The default stage for a new contact will always be Lead so this is the only area where you would need to ensure that a value is set for this required Status field.

For many other CRM systems and fields, the setup will look the same as above.



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