System of Record Setup in Field Mapping

What Does System of Record Mean?

Within your integration, The System of Record has ultimate authority when it comes to data for a particular Field Mapping. This should always be the System that will have the most accurate information, Formstack Sync will not overwrite if there is an update in any other system. In fact, Sync will revert the other System to match that in the System of Record.

How Do I Designate The System of Record?

When configuring Field Mappings in Formstack Sync you will notice that you can drag and drop different field objects to the bottom or the top by clicking the anchor to the left of any Field in that mapping.




The system ordered at the top row within a Field Mapping is the System of Record. In the example above the System of Record is Zoho CRM, which means that Zoho will take priority over HubSpot when updates are made to this Field in either System.

Expected Behavior

Example behavior for above scenario:

1. Any updates to the mapped Field in Zoho will update the corresponding HubSpot Field.

2. If the corresponding Contact in HubSpot is manually updated with a different value, Sync will recognize Zoho as the System of Record and update HubSpot to match the original value still in Zoho.

3. If there's no value in Zoho for the mapped Field and HubSpot is updated to include a value for that Field, it will update the field in Zoho during the following Sync run. 


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