When to Use the Read-Only Drop Down While Mapping a Field?

When you are creating Field Mappings in Formstack Sync you will see a Read-Only setting that can be configured for each Field listed in the mapping.


If a Field is configured as Read-Only in a System, this setting will be locked to indicate "Yes" on the row that Field is listed in your mapping. Otherwise, this setting will default to "No" but can be enabled for any given Field. When Read-Only is enabled for a Field, Sync will not write any data to that Field when Creating or Updating Records.

When should a Field be marked as Read Only?

Situations may occasionally arise that require including a Field in your integration for the purposes of evaluating that data as part of a Workflow or creating a one-directional flow of data for a Field. In such cases, setting the Field to Read-Only will ensure the data in those Fields can be included in your integration without risk of that data being overwritten.




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