What Does System of Record Mean?

System of Record[SOR] refers to the setup in the mappings (field and relationship) the determines how data will flow and which system has more accurate information. If you have a field at the top of the list, it will be considered the master and the fields below will never overwrite its data. While the data can never be overwritten, it is possible for the fields below to populate the master if that field is blank.

For each field, you can control what systems you want to be considered the master of that data so that any values that may exist in this system can never get overwritten by any of the other systems in your setup. In Formstack Sync, you can control this by dragging and dropping the different Connectors around in the map settings.

Helpful Tips
  1. Usually, the CRM will be the SOR for most fields because it will generally have more accurate information.
  2. Make your marketing system the SOR for marketing insight fields such as recent activity or marketing stage.
  3. If you are regularly changing information in System A and want it reflected in System B, make System A the SOR.

Setting up System of Record in your mapping is pretty straightforward. Drag and drop the objects and fields to the top to set them as the System of Record. The order goes from top to bottom with regard to System of Record hierarchy. If an object is at the top, this is the master of all other objects below it.


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