How To: Delete and Clean Up Records

To preserve the integrity of your End Systems, Sync does not support the ability to delete Records. This extends to preventing any Field data from being deleted or replaced with an empty value.

While Sync won't delete Records in your Systems, it's still critical to factor your integration into the process of deleting Records from your End Systems. This article will highlight considerations and steps that should be added to that process.

Step 1: Schedule Deletion for a Period of Low Activity

Considering that your Sync integration is designed to synchronize data between your End Systems, deleting Records while your integration is active has the potential to introduce unexpected behaviors. To account for this, the process of cleaning up or deleting Records from your End Systems should be scheduled during a period of low activity in your End Systems (such as End of Day before the weekend). 


Step 2: Disable Sync and Delete Records

At the time you've scheduled, proceed with pausing your integration. To do so, navigating to the Dashboard in your Sync portal and toggling the Integration Status to "OFF". At this point, changes to your Records will no longer sync between Systems while the integration is paused and you can proceed with deleting any Records as needed in your End Systems


Step 3:  Reset Sync

After all desired Records have been removed from your End Systems, proceed with resetting your integration by navigating to the Dashboard in your Sync portal and toggling the Integration Status to "ON". Doing so will generate the "Start Sync" settings window.


At this point your Records have been deleted from your End Systems, but they still exist in your cached Sync records. Also, any Records that have been updated or created while your integration was paused have not been processed by your Integration.

To clear any cached Records and align any updates that were missed while your Sync was paused, it is recommended that you perform a  full reset of your integration as outlined in the "How To: Reset Your Sync" article.

If instead a full reset of your cached data is not viable or desired, it is possible to proceed with enabling your Sync integration without the added step of clearing your Cached data. To do so, simply select from the available options to "Sync Future Changes" or "Sync Past and Future Changes" when starting your Sync integration.

**Note on "Past and Future Changes" (Read / Write) vs. "Future Changes Only" (Read Only)**

It is important to establish the expectation of the available options for resuming your Sync Integration. 

The "Sync Future Changes Only" option will direct Sync to perform an evaluation (Read) of the Records in your End Systems. No attempt will be made to Create or Update (Write) any Records as part of the initial Sync process, but any changes that are made in either System moving forward will be included in future cycles.

The "Sync Past and Future Changes" option directs Sync to re-evaluate (Read) all of the Records in your End Systems, but it will also Create or Update (Write) Records as configured by your Workflows and Field Mappings. As a result, the initial Sync that occurs will require up to an hour or more to complete


Looking to more actively leverage Sync in your Record Cleanup process? Please see our Advanced Sync Configurations - Delete and Clean Up Records article.


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