ConnectWise Configurations: Company Field Required in Contact Mapping in Order to Create New Records

The ConnectWise System requires that any Contacts must have a Relationship to a Company. This can make configuring your integration tricky when mapping data from another System where Contacts can exist independently. Follow the steps below to create the Field Mappings required to accommodate this process.

NOTE: These Field Mappings are implemented in your Contact Mappings

1. Create Company Name Look-Up Field Mapping

The first Field Mapping attempts to find an existing Company within ConnectWise by using the Company Name value from your other System.

Example Company Name Field Mapping


Formstack Sync uses a "fuzzy" matching method that ignores casing, punctuation, and special characters. This tends to be the most reliable method but can't account for different variations of the same Company Name (i.e. GE in ConnectWise vs General Electric in HubSpot). This should be kept in mind when training your teams that operate in each System so any discrepancies in naming can be caught and corrected.

2. Create Company Status and Type Field Mappings

If no matches are made on the Company Name in ConnectWise and Sync determines that no Company currently exists, a new one must be created before the Contact can be created. The Company Status and Company Type Fields are required for this process and the most common way to configure these is to set Default Values within each Field Mapping. The Default Value should correspond to the Field Value (recommended) or Field Label for the Type (i.e. Prospect) and Status (i.e. Active) to which new Company Records should default. For more information about identifying Field Values, please see our What Is a Field Value Versus a Field Label? article.

Example Company Status Field mapping


Example Company Type Field Mapping


3. Create Address Line 1 Field Mapping

The last required field for creating new Company records in CW is the Address Line 1 field. This is a bit simpler then Status and Type as it is just a single-line text field so you can apply a default value of 'unknown' and that will do the trick. We do recommend mapping it with an address field from your other system and that way if you do have a legitimate value for this portion of the address it will come over with the new record.

Example Company Address Line 1 Field Mapping





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