AutoTask Connector Overview

Important Note: AutoTask is an Unsupported Connector

Authentication Requirements

Installing the AutoTask Connector requires generating a unique authentication token and an API URL


 Follow steps below to obtain this token and URL.

  1. Go to
  2. Input the user and pass joined by a colon, like: `username:password`
  3. Press “Encode”
  4. The resulting string (formatted similar to the following: `dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=`) is your token

Reference this AutoTask URL article to determine the appropriate URL to input for your instance of Autotask.

*If you receive errors using the URLs provided, try changing the ".wsdl" to ".asmx". 


Objects Supported

Each Object below may have a certain set of sub-Objects. Not all sub-Objects are supported by Formstack Sync so it's important to discuss any specific data points related to these objects that are important to your integration needs with our sales team.


Object Permissions Custom Field Support Dedupe Key
Resource Read No Email
Contact Read / Update / Create Yes Email
Account Read / Update / Create Yes Name
Opportunity Read / Update / Create Yes Expected Close Date Name Contact and Company Relationship

API Limits

There is a 10,000 API call / Hour limit as described in the AutoTask Rest API documentation, which applies for all integrations you may have associated with your account.

Important Requirements

Every Connector has a set of requirements that can impact how data will flow from one System to another. These may not be the only limitations depending on your integration needs. Make sure to discuss your key integration goals with your Formstack Sync sales representative to ensure we can meet your needs.

Required Contact Fields

Account Name / ID


The Fields in this Mapping must have an exact matching value for either the ID of your Company Records that exist in AutoTask or an exact match for the Company Name (i.e. Acme, Inc. won't match with Acme).



This will always default to a value of TRUE, which is represented as '1' in the default mapping column in Sync.

Last Name


 Contacts must have a Last Name.

First Name


Contacts must have a First Name.



Contacts must have an Email address.

Required Company Fields

AutoTask requires that Contact Records be associated to a Company in Autotask, which means you will also need to sync your Company Records as part of your integration to ensure that Contacts will sync as expected. Similar to Contacts, AutoTask has multiple Required Fields on the Company Record as outlined below.

Account Name


Company Records must have an Account Name.

Account Type


Company Records created in AutoTask are required to have an Account Type (Customer, Lead, Prospect, etc.). The internal value for the most relevant of these options should be included as a Default Value in the required Field Mapping. In this example the '3' represents the Prospect option in AutoTask.

Account Owner


Every Account (Company) in AutoTask is required to have an associated Account Owner. If a single individual will serve as the Account Owner in your System, you can configure the Field Mapping for this required Field with a Default Value corresponding to their AutoTask ID. If this Field will actually be mapped across Systems, ensure the values for the Field in your other System matches the Name and ID of your AutoTask Company exactly. 



All Company Records require a Phone number.


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