Dynamics Configurations: Upgrading Dynamics Version

Important: This article is intended for Sync integrations with an existing Microsoft Dynamics Connector. If you do not have an existing Dynamics Connector installed, please see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation Steps article instead for guidance installing the appropriate Connector.

If you are currently using Formstack Sync with an older version of Microsoft Dynamics and are planning to upgrade, please follow the instructions below to upgrade your Dynamics Connector while preserving your Workflows and Mappings

Step 1: Reach Out to Support

To ensure minimal disruption of your Sync activity, please Submit a Support Ticket to let us know that you'll be upgrading your version of Dynamics. We recommend submitting that request as early as possible before going live with that change so we can work with you to make any necessary updates to your Sync integration and ensure a smooth migration.

Step 2: Turn Off Sync (Customer Step)

See  Turning Off Your Sync.  Wait until your sync is no longer running (see How to Determine if Your Sync is Active).

Step 3: Install Dynamics v9 Connector (Customer Step)

After upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics version, log in to Formstack Sync and install the Microsoft Dynamics v9 Connector using the steps below.  

Important: do not uninstall your existing Connector yet!

  • From your Sync portal, select "Connectors" to locate and install the Microsoft Dynamics v9 Connector.
  •  Select the "Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics V9" button on the page.
  •  Enter in your Dynamics CRM Domain address (i.e. https://mycompany.crm.dynamics.com).
  •  Follow prompts to authenticate Formstack Sync

Note: Make sure the authenticating User that you are logging in with is the appropriate User you want to associate with the Formstack Sync integration. It is often best practice to setup a dedicated user account just for Formstack Sync for auditing purposes. If you want to use a custom user role, reference the Setting up a Custom Integration Role article. We recommend simply using a Full Administrator to avoid issues with the authentication process.

You will be redirected back to Formstack Sync once you have completed the authentication process.  Click the "Save" button and your updated Connector will be successfully installed and authenticated.

Step 4: Update Field Mappings  (Sync Support Step)

Once you have installed your new Connector let your Sync Support Specialist know that step is complete. We will then perform the following steps on your behalf:

  • Update your Mappings to work with the new Connector
  • Update your Workflows to work with the new Connector
  • Uninstall the old Connector

We will confirm once this is complete.

Step 5: Review Your Mappings & Workflows (Customer Step)

Review your Formstack Sync Mappings and Workflows to ensure that everything appears to have updated successfully.

Step 6: Run a Reset (Customer Step)

The final step to complete the upgrade process is resetting your Sync integration as outlined in our How To: Reset your Sync article to remove any cached Records from your old Connector and to Read in any new Records or updates that were missed while upgrading your Connector.


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