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IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not currently support API V2 for Zoho but our team is working on adding support before the deadline that Zoho has set for V1 (12/31/19). We will provide an update to all Zoho customers once this is ready and what steps you will need to take to upgrade your Formstack Sync Zoho Connector.  

Follow steps below to install Zoho.

Step 1: Set your Zoho Region

The Zoho Region for most customers will be the one that says "crm.zoho.com" but if you review the drop down and notice that your Zoho CRM instance is hosted on a different domain, select the domain from this drop-down that matches your instance.

Step 2: Generate Auth Token

Formstack Sync requires a Zoho Auth Token to communicate with Zoho. To get your auth token, simply login to your Zoho CRM and then follow the steps as outlined in this help article provided by Zoho.  

[NOTE: Other customers have noted that using Safari doesn't work to generate the Zoho Authentication token and have found that the best browser is Google Chrome.]

In the instructions provided by Zoho, you will take the URL that they have you generate and you will be putting this in your browser bar so that you can load a page that includes your users Authentication Token. The information on this page will look like this:


#Wed Feb 29 03:07:33 PST 2012



The value for the AUTHTOKEN is what you'll want to enter into the "Auth Token" field in the Formstack Sync Connector settings.  Once you've entered it, simply click "Save".


Step 3: Set API Quota Max (Optional)

The API Quota Max setting is not required and if you are just starting out with Formstack Sync we recommend leaving this empty until you've met with your Onboarding Manager to see if this will be needed to ensure you do not hit your daily Zoho API Limits. Learn more about this setting and what it is used for here.

Step 4: Hit Save!

After you enter in the above information, hit Save and you should see a green success message that you've installed the Zoho Connector.


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