Can I Sync Fields One Way?

By default, Formstack Sync is a bi-directional integration designed to keep your systems up to date on an ongoing basis for all of your mission-critical fields. In the case that you need to configure a one-directional Sync for a Field in your integration you can do so by following these steps:

1. Identify System of Record for One-Directional Field Mappings

When establishing a Field Mapping that should only sync data one-way, the System that should be the source of the data in that mapping should be set as the System of Record by ordering it highest in that mapping.


2. Make the System of Record Read-Only

Once you have designated the System of Record for your one-directional Field Mapping, set the Read-Only option to 'Yes" and Save the Field Mapping

That's it, you have now setup a One Way Sync!


Example One-Directional Field Mappingmceclip0.png

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