How to Determine if Sync is Active

How often will Sync perform updates?

Your integration is configured to run every five minutes by default. When Sync checks your Systems it looks for Records that have been newly created or updated since the last run that was completed.


How do I know my Sync is running?

 When Sync is running, the Recent Activity section of your Dashboard will indicate as such with a timestamp indicating the time the run started.

If the integration is able to process all of your new or modified Records, you'll see the success indicator displayed below.

My Sync runs are successful but I haven't seen any records updated or created since (insert time here).

Every Sync run that doesn't receive any errors is considered a success. You will only see Records updated or created if there have been changes in your End Systems.

Depending on how many new or modified records are initially picked up you may see each sync run end with a cycling icon.

This tells you that the integration was not able to finish processing the updates within 5 minutes and has carried over into the next sync run.


I've Reset my Sync so I can start from scratch.  Why Is it still processing?

A full reset of your integration can vary in the time required based on the number of Records in your End Systems, as well as the number of Field Mappings and Workflows configured. Larger databases may require 24-48 hours or more to Sync from scratch. If you have concerns about the time it is taking for your Full Reset to complete you are welcome to submit a request for assistance and a support specialist can verify the status of your integration.

When you see each run ending with a cycling icon this tells you that the reset is still still processing.

You'll know that your reset is completed when you see any 'Up to Date' message on your dashboard.


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