What Triggers a Sync for a Record in Formstack Sync?

There are two events that will trigger a record to be pulled down in a sync.

  1. A new record is created in the system
  2. An existing record has updates on a mapped field (a field change, an empty field populated, etc.)

Updating a record is a great way to troubleshoot. For example, if this is a record that has been in one of the systems from before the integration was turned on it will need to be triggered/updated to sync.

The best way to update a contact in your system is to add a value to a field and hit save. We recommend you put in any value in the "notes" field or something similar that will not impact the integrity of your business data, and save it and that should trigger a sync for a given record if there are no errors in the integration.

Be careful when updating a record to ensure that the record is actually modified. There may be certain fields that don't impact the records modified date so always check to see if this date has been changed after you save the change you are making.


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