Using Transaction Report to Help Troubleshoot

The Transaction Report was built with the primary goal to help customers understand why some of their records may not be syncing from system to system. Read the overview of how this report works before continuing on with this help article.

Because this report shows why records aren't syncing, it's a perfect companion to any troubleshooting process. Here are the steps to take for using this report in your troubleshooting.

Step 1: Generate the Report

If you have been testing records to sync but aren't seeing them show up after a sync run has completed, go to your Dashboard and click on the Transaction Report button.

Step 2: Search report for test record

The report will download to your computer as a CSV file. In here, there is a column called "Identity" which stores the values from the deduplication fields used to sync each record (i.e. Email for contacts shows in this column). So if you are testing the syncing of a contact, search this CSV file for this records email address.

If you find it, look at the Event column to see what type of conflict took place and then the Description column will give you more specifics about the conflict event.

Step 3: Force records to re-sync if not found in the report

This report pulls out the last 24 hours of syncing activity so if you have been testing over the last few days it is possible that some of your test records that failed to sync won't show up in this report. But that's ok, as you can use the On-Demand Trigger field process to force these records to go back through the sync so that they will then show up in this report the next time you run it from your Dashboard.

Once you push the record back through the sync, go through steps 1 and 2 above again. If you still don't find your record in this report, our suggestion is to review your Workflow rules in Formstack Sync and make sure that your record is passing at least one of these rules you have setup. If it is and you still can't figure out why the record isn't syncing, send us an email at and we can take a deeper look at what could be taking place to prevent this record from syncing.



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