Update Connector Credentials

In order for Sync to successfully integrate with your End Systems, you must have an appropriate set of credentials authenticated within your Connector for those Systems. The authentication process varies depending on the Connectors being used but the process for updating those credentials starts with the first step below.

Step 1. Login at my.bedrockdata.com and go to the Connectors section




Step 2. Under the Connector that needs updating, click on the Installed drop down and then click on the current installed version


Step 3. In the pop up window that appears you will see options for authenticating specific to your Connector. This may include something simple such as a Single Sign On option or something more advanced requiring user credentials and special tokens that are generated from within your End Systems.

Whatever the authentication method that applies to your Connectors, you'll want to ensure that Sync is always using the most up-to-date credentials for your integration by updating your Connectors when any changes occur. After you use the Save button on the Connector settings, your integration will begin using those credentials and your Dashboard will begin to show successful syncs to confirm the new credentials are working as expected.



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