My Integration Is Working, but I've Noticed That Particular Field(S) Are Not Syncing


If you have noticed that a field isn't syncing that you want to have synced, here is what to do:

  1. Only fields that you have setup in Formstack Sync to map from one system to another will sync across so make sure to log in to your Formstack Sync account and check on your mappings to ensure this field is included.
  2. If the field is mapped, make sure that the fields have compatible types. For instance, if you're trying to map a text field from one system to a select/dropdown field in another system, this may very well not work because your select/dropdown field has static values and a text field is open-ended.  
  3. Check to make sure that there aren't more than one field of the same name in any system. This can happen in some systems, and it may be that you just don't have the right field mapped.
  4. Submit a support ticket to us and we'll have a look.

Remember, any changes that you make to your mappings won't trigger a sync of your data. Syncing is triggered by changes to your system data only, so if you want to test your new or updated mapping, creating or editing a record in a system is the best way to proceed.

If you do end up needing to make a change to a field such as update values within a drop down or change a field type, make sure to refresh you field mappings in Formstack Sync once these changes are made. Go to Mappings then click in to each mapping where this field is used and click on Refresh Field Info.


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