This error will either appear in your Dashboard's activity feed or in your Transaction Report.

Error Message Example

 'INVALID_COMPANY_ID', 'name': 'associatedcompanyid', 'message': '741711151 is not a valid company id

What Error Means

This error is often seen when a contact from your other system is trying to apply a company relationship to the contact over in HubSpot. At some point there was a Company with the ID stored in Formstack Sync that was found to be the appropriate company but now it no longer exists and so HubSpot is passing back this error. Either the record was deleted or it may have been merged with another company in HubSpot if duplicates existed.

How to Resolve

In order to resolve this issue you need to remove the old company record from your Formstack Sync integration. There are two ways to get rid of old records from your integration:

Option 1: Send support an email with the records you want removed ensuring to include the record IDs in the following format: hubspot0/company/[RECORDID]. This option is only viable for up to 20 records.

Option 2: If you have a lot of companies you've recently deleted or merged, then you will need to perform a reset to clear out the historical records from Formstack Sync. Here is how to perform resets.


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