What Triggers a Record to Sync?

Sync checks your End Systems at regular intervals between each cycle as defined in the Advanced Options when starting the integration. When making the request to retrieve your Records, Sync will evaluate any Records that have been modified since the previous cycle to determine if any Records meet either of the following criteria:

  1. A new Record has been created in either System
  2. An existing Record has been updated on a mapped Field

Once any Records have been identified as meeting one of the criteria above, Sync will update or create the Cached version of those Records and determine if they pass any of your defined Workflows. If any Workflows are passed your End Systems will be updated as configured by the Field Mappings in your integration portal. In these cases, it can be helpful to have a "Trigger Sync" Field  that can be used to force Sync to pick that Record up without altering important information on the Record.

Best Practice: Make sure your updates actually affected the "Last Modified" attribute of the Record you intend to Sync. There can be Fields in your Systems that don't impact the Records modified date so it's always best to make sure



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