Mapping Setup for HubSpot Sales Activities to Sugar Notes

HubSpot has a few different types of Activities that we support. Here we are looking at how you can setup your mapping in Formstack Sync in order to sync over Sales Activities logged in the HubSpot CRM over to your Sugar CRM. A common use case would be you have your inside sales team or BDRs working in the HubSpot CRM in order to qualify leads generated by Marketing and once they are qualified, they get pushed over to Sugar CRM. But you also want all of the activities documented by your inside sales team to go over to Sugar as well.

In Formstack Sync the Sales Activity in HubSpot is referred to as an Engagement. This is because the API endpoint that HubSpot uses for this area of the CRM is called an 'engagement'. So in the mappings we'll only be addressing fields that live on this object and ignoring all of the other activity-types (attendance, registration, timeline, etc.).

There are several Types of Sales Activities in HubSpot (Calls, Emails, Tasks, Notes, Appointments). While we can sync all of these types of activities, we can only sync them down to the Sugar Notes module at this time. We recommend setting up a field on the Sugar Note module that refers to the Type of activity coming over from HubSpot so that you can use for filtering later on once the data has been synced. More on this later in below steps.

Mapping Setup Steps

1. Create an Activity Mapping and Call it "HubSpot Sales Activities"


2. Map Dedupe Keys

For activity objects, we use two important fields to dedupe the activity record during create and also during update if any are needed throughout the life of the activity. The fields are the Occurred At and the Title fields for an activity. Formstack Sync has pre-defined what these fields are so it's important that these fields be mapped and that they not be changed once setup.

Occurred At Mapping

Title Mapping

3. Map the Body / Description fields

Activities typically have details that a sales rep or account manager enters and this is often a critical bit of data to sync. Here you want to use the Body Text field in HubSpot and the Description field over in Sugar.
Note: Body Text will include HTML tags. If you do not want HTML tags included, instead use HubSpot's "Plain Text" field.

4. Map HubSpot Type

As mentioned at the beginning, we support syncing of all sales activity types from HubSpot. Here is the full list of the Types supported (these are the official values to be used in a corresponding field in Sugar):

  • Note
  • Email
  • Task
  • Call
  • Meeting

In Sugar you want to setup a new field on the Note module called HubSpot Type and make it a dropdown field with the above options.

Once you have this new field in Sugar, refresh your field info in Formstack Sync and then setup the following mapping:

5. Setup Mapping Relationships

There are two types of relationships we support for syncing Sales Activities to Sugar Notes - Contacts and Companies. This means that when we sync over the activity from HubSpot, we'll look for the same contact or company record to apply the activity (note) to in Sugar.

Contact Relationship

Company Relationship

6. Setup Conditions

Since we are just wanting to sync HubSpot Sales Activities, we'll simply set a condition that addresses the Engagement object in the condition.

7. Setup Workflow

Last but not least, you want to add a Workflow that lets HubSpot Sales Activities be eligible to sync over to Sugar. It's similar setup to the mapping condition above.



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