Setup - Syncing CRM Opportunity Stage into HubSpot Deal Stage

A common key integration goal for our customers is to sync their CRM systems Opportunity records over to HubSpot in order to generate full funnel analytics and see what campaigns are leading to revenue. In order for this to work properly, you must ensure that your Stages are matching or this type of record won't sync properly. Below are the steps to follow for ensuring this is setup properly.

Step 1. Map Pipeline in Formstack Sync and set a default value

In Formstack Sync you will map a field on the HubSpot Deal called "Pipeline". This will ONLY be mapped with HubSpot and a default value will be set but there is no field in your originating CRM that needs to be mapped. The primary reason you are mapping this field is because HubSpot requires that you set a Pipeline in order to both view and set a stage value in their system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only have 1 Pipeline when syncing your CRM systems Opportunities.

Step 2. Map Stage fields in Bedrock

Now that you have Pipeline mapped, you will want to map your Stage field in CRM to the Deal Stage field in HubSpot. Sometimes this field may not be called Stage in your CRM and that is ok. Ultimately this is whatever field denotes if the record is in an Open stage/status or a Closed stage/status.

Step 3. Update HubSpot Deal Stages to Match CRM

Unlike other properties in HubSpot, there is a very specific area that you go to edit your Deal Stages. Check out this help article from HubSpot on where you can do this in your HubSpot portal.

Some tips when updating your stages:

  • Add in your new stages and do not edit the existing / out of the box values
  • Do not worry about matching probability values with your CRM probabilities. The only probabilities that matter are the Closed Won and Closed Lost should both be set to 'Won' and 'Lost' probabilities respectively.
  • Reminder that you can only have one Pipeline in your HubSpot CRM when syncing your Opportunities from your other CRM system
  • We recommend enabling the feature in HubSpot that lets the Lifecycle Stages of records associated to Deal automatically change based on their association to the Deal. Learn more about this feature here.

Once you have this complete, you'll be on your way to syncing your CRM opportunities to HubSpot!



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