Syncing to Sugar Select-type Fields Must Include Item Name

Important Note:  Sugar CRM is an Unsupported Connector


When you are syncing select-type field data from another system to Sugar, you need to ensure that the 'item name' that is set over in Sugar is included in the writing process. Here's an overview of how you can set this up when syncing between HubSpot and Sugar.

Confirm Item Name Values in Sugar

When you are editing your fields in Sugar and the field is a dropdown field, you can edit the options in this field and here you'll find the 'item name'.

UPDATE: It appears that Sugar may have made it possible to create Item Names with spaces and upper case so that they can be identical to the Display Name.

Take note of these values so you can use them when setting up your field in HubSpot.

Setup Field in HubSpot

When you are editing a select-type field in HubSpot, you will find that there is a column for the Label and one for the Internal Value. You want to make sure that the Label includes the same value as the Item Name that lives over in Sugar.  

Map Fields in  Formstack Sync

Now that the options are aligned in both systems, you can map in Formstack Sync with confidence that each value will sync over to Sugar from HubSpot and display in Sugar as expected. For steps on adding a new field to your mapping, check out this help article.

Workaround Option

As you may know, the Item Name in Sugar is sometimes less then ideal of an option to display as a Label over in HubSpot. Especially if the field in HubSpot is exposed to your website users. If this is the case, another option would be to map the field in Sugar to a custom field in HubSpot that isn't the one used on your web forms. You can setup this field in HubSpot to just be a Single-Line Text field and not a drop down since this field will essentially act as a go-between field for the two main fields.

Let's use a State field as an example for how this will work.

In HubSpot you have a State field that uses the full name of states in the drop down. You also expose this on your web forms for customers to select. In Sugar the field is setup where the Item Names are all the abbreviations of states. To get these two fields to talk with each other without running in to conflicts and without sacrificing the full state format in your HubSpot web forms, follow the below steps.

1. Create a custom field in HubSpot called "Sugar State (item name)" and make it just a single line text field

2. Create a Workflow in HubSpot called "Set Sugar State (item name) field value from primary State Field value

3. Enrollment conditions should simply be that the primary State field you are using on your web forms simply has a value

4. First action is to start an If/Then branch where the condition is centered around the primary State field and you want to say something like "If State = Pennsylvania move down Branch Y and If State does not equal Pennsylvania go down Branch X".

5. For the Branch where the condition is met, you want to add the "Set a Contact Property" action and here you will set the "Sugar State (item name)" field to contain the Item Name value for Pennsylvania (pa).

6. Go through steps 4 and 5 until you've covered all of your state options.

7. Make sure that contacts are allowed to re-enroll in this workflow in case they change their state through your web forms at some point in the future.

7. Create another Workflow in HubSpot, this time called "Set State primary field from Sugar State (item name) value"

8. Enrollment conditions should simply be that the "Sugar State (mirror) field simply has a value

9. You will repeat steps 4 and 5 above only instead of the condition being centered around the primary State field you will set it around the "Sugar State (mirror)" field and you will be setting values on the primary State field (i.e. if Sugar State (mirror) equals 'pa' then set value of Pennsylvania on primary State field".

10. Once you've completed this second Workflow in HubSpot, you are ready to udpate the mappings in Formstack Sync where the new Sugar State (mirror) field in HubSpot is mapped to the Sugar State field going forward.



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