Setup - Mapping the Zoho Company and Account Name

The Zoho Company Name on the Lead object is a required field for in Zoho and once a Lead is converted in to a Contact, an Account will be created and therefore an Account Name is required on the Account object. So in order to create a new lead and to ensure that for existing Contacts that the Account Name on the Account object is recognized as the master field for Company, below is how you should setup this mapping for Company in Formstack Sync.

In the screen shot above the marketing system is at the bottom with the Zoho Lead object in the middle then the Contact > Account object at the very top. The individual Contact object does not need to be incorporated in this mapping since once you convert a Lead in to a Contact, there will be an Account associated with this Contact and it's best practice to recognize the Account object for the Account Name field once the record is converted in to a Contact in Zoho.



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